Explosion Rhapsody

Explosion Rhapsody is our second bumper. The concept behind this is engraving logo on concrete wall symbolize VeremFX will be remember and engrave in our viewer mind.
In this video we use explosion effect and procedural crumble effect create with combining several 3D software and compositing software to create this effect as realistic as possible.

Coming soon our third video bumper that will be full action and special effect.
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About Us


VeremFX is motion pictures production specialize for business clients. We are a production house that focuses on detail and perfection in creating smart multimedia that make your brand prominent and win the competition in a crowded market.  Our service from video company profile, TV and digital stream commercial, motion graphics bumper, and many other business purpose video.

Our vision and passion are to produce high quality motion pictures with deeply marketing analysis, sharp strategic concept and execute it with creative and innovative multimedia to  success your business and marketing purposes.